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Search Engine Optimization vs. User Experience Optimization

10 Aug

The discussion of whether user experience optimization should take priority, or even in place of search engine optimization, is not necessarily a new one, but it is one of the most important conversations we could be engaging in right now. My goal here is to explain that both approaches?while they have crossover … Read more

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Google AdWords Ads Add Album Cover & Song Preview

8 Aug

Before I get any drops of jupiter hate on the following…I was typing in & somehow accidentally hit enter after typing train & when the URL completion didn’t work I got the following SERP.

If you click the feature video link it does a YouTube video overlay. The other links lead into the relevant iTunes webpage.

Such media extensions have been in place for movies for quite a while now, but this is the first time I have seen them on music-related search results. In time one could expect similar ad expansions to hit other media areas like books, games, and maybe even other vertical search features. Google could possibly roll it out globally on brand searches as well at some point, allowing companies to offer intro videos (or even reviews of new product lines) directly in the search results.


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Listen ? Measure ? Monitor: What It Really Means, How To Do It & What To Use

4 Aug

The difference between a solid measurement strategy and a listening effort may vary, and in some cases may even overlap. However they are in fact quite distinct in approach, goals, tools and output.

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Listen – Measure – Monitor: What It Really Means, How To Do It & What To Use

Written by Kristy Bolsinger, Social Media Blog


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