Top 100 SEO Tips are Now Free

9 Apr

When the Top 100 SEO Tips first started out in 2008 our goal was simple – find the most effective SEO techniques and provide them as Free SEO Tips. Our quest has taken us to a lot of places with the opportunity to talk with a lot of really talented people. We have compiled a robust list and gotten a lot of reader feedback over the last few years which has convinced us to make some big changes in our seobook… Especially giving them away for Free!

Other major changes since the original version:

  • Exclusive 2012 Edition – SEO is constantly changing due to the amount of algorithm updates from major search engines. So we have removed some older techniques and updated our list with the most powerful SEO techniques you can use for 2012.
  • More Working Examples – We now provide more examples using screenshots to help readers not only comprehend the technique being explained but also to assist in their ability to have a visual reference to use while incorporating a specific SEO tips into their own website.
  • Multiple Sections – We originally lumped too many SEO tips and techniques together. The updated version is now delivered in 4 separate downloads based on a specific area – keywords, on-page SEO, linking strategies, and SEO techniques to avoid. By doing this, readers can now focus on specific areas of SEO and work their own websites in a step or tiered approach.
  • Free Resources – In addition to all the great SEO tips we\’ve always had we now offer readers resources and tools they can use to help with their SEO efforts. For example, we now provide ways for readers to get a free copies of SEO software to help them in their keyword research and link building. These resources save countless hours of work and effort for beginning SEO guru\’s and the feedback has been very well received
  • Supplemental Articles – We now provide articles on our website that highlight specific areas of SEO for our readers to continue or expand their learning and building efforts around. The SEO articles are also all free.

We hope that all our readers gain valuable insight into search engine optimization and continue to get their websites to rank higher in the major search engines. We also encourage everyone to download and try all the free SEO resources and SEO tools that we provide links to because they will truly help save you time, effort, and money in the long haul.

Don’t forget to download your free copy of the Top 100 SEO Tips.


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